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Unique precision machined acrylic plug casing. Non-ferrous material with outstanding resonance control

Tapered strain relief profile maintains cable geometry and avoids direct cable deformation

Low capacitance high velocity cable design. Accurate signal transfer over wide bandwidths

Impedance optimised for analogue signal transfer

Consistent performance from system to system

Tri-layer shielding system. Single material signal path


This cable can dramatically improve the sound of your system. Almost any CD player, phono stage or pre/power amplifier combination willl benefit enormously. The shielding system is the most complex we have used, resulting in a huge reduction of low-level noise. The sound is completely transparent and seriously dynamic, but it is the way all of these abilities are brought together that makes the Signature such a superb cable.

The Signature will not only amaze you with the sheer amount of information it can carry, it will present it to you in a beautifully coherent and involving manner


Noise and interference are the great enemies of reproduced music. The shield system of the Anthem dramatically reduces these and the music sounds more coherent as a result. Subtle tonal differences are easy to hear , as are the tiny dynamic changes that are so critical to the realism of a piece of music.

The Anthem will work beautifully with CD players and is outstanding when used with turntables and phono stages.

Fitting a Chorus can really open the sound of any system. A fantastic bass performance, along with outstanding dynamics, make a Chorus the perfect choice for a system that needs a little life put into it.

A great cable for anyone who really wants to enjoy their music.
Tremendous levels of detail and an excellent portrayal of tonal colours in combination with an outstanding ability to create a stereo image. The Chameleon Silver Plus allows you to pick out and follow individual instruments without ever losing track of the music as a whole

The first interconnect in the Chord range to feature silver-plated conductors and Teflon insulation. Chord Silver Siren employs a twisted pair design and a floating screen. The improvements tha silver-plated conductors bring will allow you to hear both large and small dynamic swings and will help your system present music with real coherence and detail.

"A very good buy indeed, sharing as it does all the traits of a more expensive cable." Hi-fi World

Great dynamics and high levels of detail combine with the improved shield system to produce an involving and enjoyable musical experience.

The sweet and even tonality of the Chord Cobra 3 ensures a sound that never becomes bright or tiring to listen to.

Musically, Chrysalis has an extremely well balanced set of abilities and has had a huge influence on all the other interconnects in the Chord range.

Whatever the system, Chrysalis can be relied upon to produce an entertaining and enjoyable sound.

A perfect introduction to the dramatic improvements that properly designed and built interconnects can bring to the sound of your hi-fi or home cinema system. A great choice for the longer connectors needed for subwoofers.

"A fine cable for the money, with a smooth and almost over lyrical stamp as opposed to the bright and fast sound of other budget cables."